Tanning Lotion Tanning Lotion $28.00
Nova Tanning Face cream Nova Tanning Face cream $20.00
Gold shimmer-sparks Gold shimmer-sparks $26.00
Aftertan Lotion Aftertan Lotion $22.00
Shimmering Lotion Silver Shimmering Lotion Silver $26.00
Nova Tanning Lotion Nova Tanning Lotion $20.00
Gold shimmer-glow Gold shimmer-glow $26.00
Diamond shimmer Diamond shimmer $26.00
Nova Bronzer Nova Bronzer $22.00
Nova Body Lotion Nova Body Lotion $20.00
Firming Tanning Lotion Firming Tanning Lotion $28.00

If you own or manage a tanning salon, a boutique or a bridal shop and would like to be a re-seller of our products, please let us know. We have everything you may need. Our art division produces elegant display items including posters and brochures. Please scroll down to see a sample of our posters. We have a 12 posters to choose from. They come in a glass-like counter-top acrylic poster holders.

We have a wide range of elegant display items including counter top poster and informative brochures available to wholesalers to let your customers know about the benefits of our products.

Featured Products

Tan Accentuating Lotions 

Show off your tan & look as if your skin is made of gold satin by adding some glow to your skin. Made of the finest light reflecting natural silicates, our Tan-accentuating shimmering lotions comes in four shimmers to choose from: Diamond dust, Sparkling gold, Gold and silver. Look and feel like a star!

Featured Products

A New generation of Healthy Tanning Products!
Our tanning lotions are developed with your skin health in mind. They are designed to minimize & repair the effects of UV on your skin while you tan. Made of 100% natural ingredients & with an artist-designed stunning packaging, our products stand out from the rest. Amazing scents that makes you smell nice all day!

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