Tanning Lotion Tanning Lotion $28.00
Nova Bronzer Nova Bronzer $22.00
Aftertan Lotion Aftertan Lotion $22.00
Gold shimmer-glow Gold shimmer-glow $26.00
Nova Tanning Lotion Nova Tanning Lotion $20.00
Firming Tanning Lotion Firming Tanning Lotion $28.00
Diamond shimmer Diamond shimmer $26.00
Nova Body Lotion Nova Body Lotion $20.00
Nova Tanning Face cream Nova Tanning Face cream $20.00
Gold shimmer-sparks Gold shimmer-sparks $26.00
Shimmering Lotion Silver Shimmering Lotion Silver $26.00



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The Best Tanning and shimmering collection for your beauty!

Featured Products

Tan Accentuating Lotions 

Show off your tan & look as if your skin is made of gold satin by adding some glow to your skin. Made of the finest light reflecting natural silicates, our Tan-accentuating shimmering lotions comes in four shimmers to choose from: Diamond dust, Sparkling gold, Gold and silver. Look and feel like a star!

Featured Products

A New generation of Healthy Tanning Products!
Our tanning lotions are developed with your skin health in mind. They are designed to minimize & repair the effects of UV on your skin while you tan. Made of 100% natural ingredients & with an artist-designed stunning packaging, our products stand out from the rest. Amazing scents that makes you smell nice all day!

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